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Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration Systems Details

IceBuilders’ project managers and engineers have more than 100 combined years of experience in the ice rink industry and are responsible for hundreds of quality installations worldwide.  Rely on IceBuilders experience to help you select the refrigeration system that is correct for your facility and use.  Be assured that an IceBuilders refrigeration system is a complete, precision-engineered system from mechanical room to floor that provides maximum efficiency and reliability.

Manufactured to meet IceBuilders Rigid Quality Standards

Every component of an IceBuilders system is perfectly matched and balanced, from the mechanical room to the refrigerated floor, to create the most efficient and reliable system available — an important consideration when planning your rink. While non-harmonized systems may make ice, the potential for energy waste, downtime resulting from breakdowns, non-replaceable parts and dissatisfied clients are unacceptable. For this reason, IceBuilders specifies only the highest quality, industrial components for its systems.

Engineered For Quality

To ensure maximum quality and performance of your new IceBuilders refrigeration and ice rink floor system, the system is engineered specifically for your facility and installed by experienced ice rink professionals. Each system is carefully assembled in our own facilities by the most experienced and skilled craftspeople in North America — many of whom are second and third generation with IceBuilders.