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Design Assist

Design Assist Details

The IceBuilders overall design-assist approach allows us to understand our customers needs and provide high quality results from start to finish.
Design-assist is an integrated delivery process where IceBuilders works with an Architect, Engineer or Owner to provide expertise in ice rink construction to significantly enhance overall project quality.
IceBuilders leverages technology solutions, high-level communications skills and innovative ideas to partner with you during the design phase. Our service eliminates the need to coordinate the design and construction teams, and streamlines the overall ice rink construction process, resulting in time and money savings.
Working as one team, IceBuilders is able to control quality, cost and schedule, ensuring overall project success. Benefits include:
  • Expand the team’s collective knowledge and resources
  • Identify best pre-fabrication opportunities
  • Minimize or eliminate design overlap
  • Reduce changes during construction
  • Identify opportunities for schedule compression